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Hi, welcome to the FAVr - It! testing family

for android:

Create FAVrs:

If you create a FAVr you give other intersted users the chance to be part in a decision making process and share their opinion. It can be lot of fun to find out why people favr one thing over the other.

Instant messanging:

You saw a favr you like, why not share it with your friends through the app's inbuild instant messaging service. Ofc, you can also just use it to send some messages or pics.

Find new friends:

Isn't is great to meet someone and you feel an instant connection? FAVr cannot guarantee that, however at least you can make friends with people having the same opinion as you, or struggle with others who don't ;-).

Follow other interesting users:

Never ever miss interesting FAVrs from interesting people. Follow others to not miss their posts anymore.

Help others:

Doesn't it feel great to do someone a FAVr? Go out there young padawan and FAVr what needs to be FAVrd!

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